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Voice at Elevé


Are you ready to start your vocal journey? Here at Elevé we use private voice lessons as a way for students to connect to their instrument. In lessons, you will learn how to use your own authentic voice. Our goal isn’t to make you sound like everybody else, it's to help you find out what you can do and why that is incredible! Students will be able to select material to help create their own lesson plan to meet their own needs and to find joy and confidence in performing each and every song they want! After all, it’s your voice and you should love using it!

Why voice lessons?

Private voice is extremely beneficial for singers of any level, and any age! Based on your personal goals, instructors can help you work towards advancement in multiple areas of voice, including musicality, tone, style, range and most importantly vocal health! In lessons you will learn to use your voice in a healthy and sustainable way while exploring multiple styles. Finally, and most importantly, singing is fun! In lessons we will work on songs that YOU enjoy! Whether you’re a jazzy scatter, 2000s rocker, musical nerd, or metalhead, you will have an opportunity to explore your craft in lessons.

What can I expect from lessons?

Private Lessons will always be tailored to the student. In general, we will use songs selected both by the students and instructor to both build a songbook and work on specific elements of the voice. That being said, every lesson may look different! Beginner students may be working on pitch, rhythm, and accuracy while more advanced students may be expanding their range, working on their passaggio, and learning stylistic techniques specific and accurate to style. However, you can always expect a warm up to start, specific to the student’s needs. Next, students will work through their current material and finally at the end of lessons we will do a vocal cool down and goal setting for the next meeting.

Why voice at Elevé?

At Elevé, vocal teaching is centered around each student's needs. Our goals are to help young artists have the tools to experience creative freedom and discovery. You will have access to our library of scores to study with as well as new music from current pop artists and new and developing Broadway shows. Our Vocal instructor will help create practicing materials for each student. This will include personalized exercises and warm up recordings to take home and use along with accompaniment tracks for each song worked in lessons.

Being a performing arts studio, we also help students learn auditioning techniques and create specific packages. These audition packages can be used from anything to local productions and projects as well as to audition for college theater and dance programs.

What's the age range for voice?

We recommend starting anywhere from ages 7-9 and onward. It is important to remember that the voice is growing and changing especially through adolescence and doesn’t finish developing until your mid to late 20s! We take the age and capabilities of each voice into considerations for each lesson and work on a basis for creating excellent technique.

How much are lessons?

For individual lessons, prices are detailed below:

  • $45 fee at beginning of semester that covers sheet music, recordings, and any piano accompaniment

  • $35 for 30 minute lessons

  • $65 for 60 minute lessons

For financial assistance please reach out directly to our Voice Instructor, Jared Fleming.

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