Recital Information

"From HollyWood To Broadway"

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  • Ives Auditorium- Masonic Heritage Center


  • 10:00am, 1:30pm & 6:00pm

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Which Show is my Dancer In?

Recital #1-10:00am

All Competition solos, Duo/Trios and Small Groups.

Recital #2-1:30pm

Monday 3 & 4 (10:00am)

Monday 3 & 4 (4:30pm)

Monday 5 & 6 (5:30pm)

Monday Jr. Tap/Jazz (6:30pm)

Wednesday Boys Hip Hop (4:30pm)

Wednesday 3 & 4 (4:30pm)

Friday Boys Tap/Hip Hop (6:30pm)

Recital #3-6:00pm

Wednesday Musical Theater (5:30pm)

Wednesday Beg. Hip Hop (6:30pm)

Thursday 3 & 4 (4:30pm)

Thursday 5 & 6 (5:30pm)

Thursday Teen Tap/Jazz (6:30pm)

Saturday 3 & 4 (9:00am)

Saturday Preschool Boys (10:00am)

Saturday 5 & 6 (11:00am)


All Ballet Classes

All Competition Dancers

Parent Dance

Performance Co. 



Non-competition dancers must be at Ives ready to go 20 minutes before their show starts:

  • Show #2 | 1:10pm
  • Show #3 | 5:40pm


Competition dancers must be at Ives ready to go for warm-up before each show on stage 30 minutes before the show:

  • Show #1 | 9:00am(Showcase Dancers Only)

  • Show #2 | 1:00pm

  • Show #2 | 5:30pm



Dancers will have a parent volunteer that will stay with them until parents pick them up. They will bring them to the stage and back. They will also help with changing dancers shoes.

  • Competition Dancers-Novas,Galaxy,Comets| Back Stage Dressing Rooms

  • Competition Dancers-Comos,Orions Twinklers| Evergreen Room

  • Boys Dressing Room | TBD

  • All Recreation Classes | Evergreen Room




  • All dancers must remain in the dressing rooms until called to dance.

  • All of our pre-school dancers will remain in the evergreen room until parents pick them up at intermission time. They are then able to watch with parents until finale.

  • Dancers are asked to line up back stage for finale after the 2nd to last number.

  • Dancers may not leave the back stage/dressing rooms with out a parent present.

  • Only dancers who are done are allowed to leave the backstage area at intermission time. Intermission is fast and brief, giving our dancers time to get ready for the second half.

  • Dancers may see family and friends after the show is completed.

  • SNACKS - Reminder to pack a healthy NUT FREE snack for your dancer, including a water bottle. 

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