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Performance Programs



Stars Performance Company


The Stars Performance Company is a great program for those who want to advance their technique and performance skills! The company meets for an hour weekly, as well as their required classes. The reason for requiring other classes (ballet, tap and jazz) is so that it promotes well-rounded dancers. As a performer it is indispensable to have strong technique in multiple areas. The main purpose of this company is for dancers to develop their performance skills in a wide array of professional venues and events! 


The Goal of Stars Performance Company is exposure! These experiences will give the dancers an opportunity to perform in a non-competitive atmosphere, while understanding what it is to be a performer.  As a highlight for the Stars Performers every three years we will work towards taking our dancing to the "Happiest Place on Earth", Disney World! There they will have the opportunity to meet cast members, participate in a workshop led by Disney cast members, perform in one of Disney World Parks, and enjoy a fun vacation at the parks with family and friends! It's an amazing experience and one the dancers will treasure forever!  



Because of its intensive setting and need for all team members to be present, we stress that our students are at every class/rehearsal. We understand that life happens and somethings cannot be helped. To accommodate possible absences we allow two unexcused absences.  However, all absences may be made up by taking additional ballet classes. 


All dancers are required to audition in order to be a part of the Stars Performing Company. The audition is not made to turn people away, however, it is made to give dancers the real experience of being a part of a performance company. The audition is held at the beginning of the season and helps determine the correct groupings for the performance company. Below is Tuition information!



Those dancers who dance only with performing line will have three costumes fees for recital. Ballet, Jazz/Tap, and Performance Company.  Each are $60.00.


*After paying the amount of $200 dollars per dancer a month a dancer will receive unlimited Technique/Conditioning Classes.


* If a student is a competition student they are already taking the required classes to be a part of the performing line! Cost is extra $10 a month and $60 for costume.

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